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Edité par Assimil S.A.S. - paru en 2021

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The With Ease series is a revolutionary self-study method based on the simple, effective principle of intuitive assimilation. This is the natural process through which we learn our first language. The methodology uses entertaining, practical dialogues supported by brief explanatory notes and followed by review exercises to create an educational framework that will allow you to achieve a level of fluency almost effortlessly. Learning a language has never been so easy. Discover the digital version of our top-selling courses! The Assimil method now exists in an electronic version featuring a host of interactive features to help you enjoy your learning experience to the full. The structure and progression that underpin the success of our courses have been enhanced by a voice recording app that lets you compare your accent and pronunciation against the original soundtrack. Our e-course also provides easy access to the notes and comments that make the lessons so compelling.

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