Second genesis

Wayne Shorter (1933-....)

Edité par Charly - paru en 1993

The ruby and the pearl. Pay as you go. Second genesis. Mister chairman. Tenderfoot. The albatross. Getting to know you. I didn't know what time it was.

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Juju. Deluge. House of jade. Mahjong. Yes and no. Twelve more bars to go.

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Jazz classics : play-a-long book & recording set : [tous instruments] | Wayne Shorter (1933-....)

Jazz classics : play-a-long book & recording set :...

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Witch hunt. Footprints. Fee-fi-fo-fum. Miyako. Speak no evil. Wild flower. Adam's apple. C...

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Mysterious Traveller : Nubian dance. American tango. Cucumber slumber. Blackthorn rose. Sc...

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High life

Wayne Shorter (1933-....) - Polygram - 1995

Children of the night. At the fair. Maya. On the milky way express. Pandora awakened. Virg...

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