Troubadour : the definitive collection, 1964-1976


Edité par Sony - paru en 1992

London town. Codine. Catch the wind. Universal soldier. Colours. Sunshine superman. Season of a witch. The trip. Guinevere. Breezes of patchulie. Museum. Super lungs. Mellow yellow. Writer in the sun. Sand and foam. Sunny South kensington. Epistle to dippy. There is a mountain. Wear your love like heaven. Oh gosh. The tinker and the crab. Poor cow. Hurdy gurdy man. Jennifer Juniper. Teen angel. Lalena. To susan on the West coast waiting. Atlantis. Barabajagal. Happiness runs. Celia of the seals. Riki tiki tavi. Clara clairvoyant. Roots of oak. Maria Magenta. Cosmic wheels.I like you. Yellow star. Rock and roll souljer. The quest. Age of treason. What the soul desires. Dark-eyed blue jean angel.

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