Ida Lupino : beyond the camera

Anderson, Mary Ann

Edité par ‎BearManor media ; C 2018

Ida Lupino did not want to be an actress; composing and writing were her major interests. Ida branched out into film directing and producing in 1949, becoming one of two women to enter the male dominated field. She was the only woman ever to direct an episode of The Twilight Zone. This episode is in the top ten of The Twilight Zone favorites. While her feature films were primarily aimed at a female audience, the Hitch-Hiker film, based on the spree killer Billy Cook, written, directed and produced by Ida Lupino, has become a classic film noir. Life Magazine did a piece on the 60th Anniversary. On television Ida quickly became known for her skill at directing westerns, mysteries and detective dramas - shows aimed at male viewers and many featuring all male casts. "No one ever asked me to direct a love story!" - Ida Lupino About the Author: MARY ANN ANDERSON’s books include Louis Hayward: Beyond the Iron Mask, The Making of The Hitch-Hiker Illustrated, and Mr. Adams & Eve (Illustrated), all published by BearManor Media. Mary Ann served as conservator for Ida Lupino, the actress and director, from 1984 to 1995. (source : éditeur)

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