Juke joints. 3

Slim Harpo, Hop Wilson, Jerry McCain... [et al.], interp.

Edité par JSP - paru en 2012

[CD 1] I'm a king bee / Slim Harpo. My woman has a black cat bone / Hop Wilson. Steady / Jerry McCain. Late hours at midnight / Homesick James. Ludella / Jimmy Rogers. Sail on, little girl / Pete McKinley. Alley special / Wright Holmes. Play my juke box / Boy Green. Chicago blues / Dan Pickett. Shackles round my body / David Wylie. Throw a little boogie / Manny Nicholls. Dial 110 blues / Country Jim. About to lose my mind / Big Boy Spires. You better move on away from here / Honeyboy. Applejack boogie / Pinetop Slim. Seem like a million years / Willie Nix. Western union man / Chicago Sunny Boy. Silver haired woman / Johnny Williams. She got me walkin' / Lazy Bill Lucas. Ride my new car with me / Big Joe Williams. After hours / Earl Hooker. 1958 blues / Little Sam Davis. Bad feeling blues / Lightnin' Slim. Feel so worried / Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson. I want a roller / Smokey Hogg. Gary stomp / John Brim. [CD 2] Operator blues (take 3) / Houston Boines. My baby left me / John Lee Hooker. Lookin' for my baby (take 5) / Littel Milton. I'm gonna love you / Eddie Taylor. She's gone with the wind / The Sugarman. Eula Mae / Big Joe Williams. Ardelle / Pete McKinley. Happy home blues / D.C. Washington. I've got love if you want it / Slim Harpo. That's all right / Jimmy Rogers. Hello Central, please give me 209 / Robert Lee Westmoreland. Crying / J.D. Edwards. I'll move you / Eddie Kirkland. Awful shame / Hank Kilroy. Cadillac blues / J.D. Horton. Hollywood boogie / Country Jim. Chicken stuff / Hop Wilson. Please mam forgive me / Sunny James. You better watch that jive / Smokey Hogg. Walking talking blues / Manny Nicholls. Locked in jail blues / Johnny Beck. Highway 51 / Stick Horse Hammond. Jet black woman / Buddy Chiles. I had a dream / Lazy Bill Lucas. Got a letter this morning / Clarence London. Down south / Junior Blackmon. [CD 3] She's tough / Jerry McCain. Baker shop boogie (take 1) / Willie Nix. Ridin' home / Leslie Louis. Sand and lonely / Country Jim. Crawdad / Smokey Hogg. No one to love me / Manny Nicholls. Wonderin' and worryin' / Slim Harpo. Lightnin' Slim boogie / Lightnin' Slim. A & B blues / Boy Green. Homesick blues / Homesick James. Fat mouth / Johnny Williams. Number writer / Dan Pickett. King's highway / Big Joe Williams. John Henry / Pinetop Slim. Jammin' / Earl Hooker. Take it easy / Nat Terry. Mr Ticket agent / Silver Cooks. Which one do I love / Big Boy Spires. Little school girl / L.C. Greene. Excuse me baby / Sunny James. Have you a match / Honeyboy. Goin' to New Orleans / Little Sam Davis. Want to boogie woogie / Clarence London. LOve to me mama / Boogie Bill Webb. Love to mama / Boogie Bill Webb. Log house on the hill / Leroy Johnson. You'll always have a home / Eddie Taylor. [CD 4] Jimmie's boogie / Jimmy Reed. Rather be stoppy drunk / Big Joe Williams. G-man blues / Houston Boines. No one to love me / Leroy Johnson. Y M & V blues / Lost John Hunter. Sittin' here wonderin' / Luther Stoneham. Strange lovge / Slim Harpo. Size 4 shoe / Smokey Hogg. I'm in love / Jimmy Rogers. You gotta lay down mama / Johnny Beck. Jelly roll man / Bill Simpson. Cold in the evening / J.D. Edwards. Mistreated blues / Buddy Chiles. My baby's gone / Lazy Bill Lucas. Forgive me / Manny Nicholls. Don't do it again / Leslie Louis. Good lookin' woman / Country Jim. Goiun' back to mama / Clarence London. Truck 'em on down / Stick Horse Hammond. Goin' back home today / Willie Baker. Uncle Sam blues / Pinebluff Pete. Harlem women / Hank Kilroy. Don't want me blues / Pete McKinley. Broke and hungry / Hop Wilson. I don't know why / Nat Terry. Boogie / Boogie Bill Webb.

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